Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. Breast cancer is one of most curable cancer if detected early.

6 Breast Cancer Risk Factors You CAN Control​

6 Breast Cancer Risk Factors You CAN Control Being Overweight Overweight and obese women — defined as having a BMI (body mass index) over 25 — have a higher risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer compared to women who maintain a healthy weight, especially after menopause. Being overweight also can increase the risk of […]

Myths and Facts About Breast Cancer

Know the myths and facts about Breast Cancer Myth Most breast cancers run in families. Fact:  Only 5% to 10% of breast cancers are thought to be hereditary, which means they are caused by abnormal genes passed from parent to child. The other 90% are largely due lifestyle and environmental factors.   Myth: There is […]